Which footballers are the best at golf?

Which footballers are the best at golf?

While the beautiful game and the world of golf may seem like separate universes, there's a surprising amount of crossover between these two sports. Many footballers, after hanging up their boots, find themselves drawn to the challenge and camaraderie of the golf course. But some footballers take their golfing skills to another level, becoming celebrities on both the pitch and the fairway.

Here at Eagle Links Golf, we celebrate this shared passion! So, tee off with us as we explore some of the world's best footballers who are also amazing golfers:

  • Gareth Bale: This Welsh legend may have recently retired from football, but his dedication to golf is well-documented. Bale's impressive handicap and even a practice area built in his own backyard speak volumes about his love for the game.

  • Harry Kane: The England captain isn't just a goal machine; he's also a skilled golfer. Known for his accuracy and power on the pitch, Kane translates those skills to the course, reportedly playing off a handicap of around four.

  • Ian Wright: This Arsenal legend found a new passion for golf after his retirement. While his playing days are over, Wright's competitive spirit remains alive on the course.

  • Ruud Gullit: The Dutch maestro wasn't just a joy to watch on the pitch; he's also a talented golfer. Gullit's dedication to the sport is evident in his impressive handicap, which sits in the single digits.

  • Alessandro Del Piero: The Italian legend's silky touch on the ball translated well to the golf course. Del Piero is known for his elegant swing and impressive shot-making skills.

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